Toys Re-Ment Hatsune Miku Cafe (Set of 4)


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– A large collection of cute menus from Piapro Characters ♪
– Lots of cute illustrations of PierPro characters, including Miku!
– This is a miniature product with a cafe theme.

Lineup (planned)
1. Reservations are perfect! Let’s go inside the store!
2. A feast for the eyes in a space full of things to do!
3. The taste is doubled when eaten together!?
4. Have a sweet time with a tea set♪
5. Melty cream pancakes♪
6. Full of satisfaction! hamburger plate
7. I’m confused about which one to eat first!
8. Don’t miss out on limited edition goods!

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Toys Re-Ment Hatsune Miku Cafe (Set of 4)


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