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Aqueous Hobby Color is a paint line newly reformulated in 2020 and aimed to be a safer paint with a higher degree of user friendliness.
Aqueous Hobby Color paint is water based, which means you will never run out of thinner/reducer – you can use regular water. Tool cleanup is also easier as you can use water.
Aqueous Hobby Color paint does contain a mild solvent in it which helps a lot with the adhesion.
Leveling capabilities of this paint are high, it provides a glossy finish with a light texture, creating an excellent paint finish.
Gloss levels of the Aqueous paint can be adjusted using additives:
H-40 Flat Base can be mixed with any color and make the paint semi-gloss or even matte/flat. Mix ratio between 5% and 10% is recommended.
Mr. Aqueous Hobby Colors are ready for a regular brush application. They are also airbrush friendly; however, it is recommended to reduce it before use with an airbrush. As we mentioned earlier, regular water can be used as a reducer, but for the best result we recommend using Mr. Aqueous Hobby Color Thinner (T-110 or T-111).
Up to 150% of the reducer can be added to Aqueous paint for airbrush use.
When spraying paints with an airbrush, 2-3 coats are recommended. For regular brush use 1-2 coats is enough.

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Mr. Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color - Semi Gloss RLM70 Black Green H65


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