Switch CARDS RPG The Misty Battlefield + Bonus Artbook & Soundtrack


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On that day, a jet black dragon descended on the kingdom, and in the blink of an eye it had destroyed everything.

The 100 Years’ War…

That was the name given to the ongoing battle between the 17 countries. Already it seemed like a war with no end, but the appearance of a single dragon changed everything. It was a “chimera” created from a dragon with no interest in the humans’ war and a combat-minded human. The enemy country Fahftania is creating a weapon that is not yet completed, and they could not succeed without heavy sacrifices.

However, Fahftania joined forces with the giant organization Hellmuth Brigade to sacrifice 1000 of their citizens to create the greatest chimera in history. Having acquired this overwhelming power, no one possessed the ability to defeat Fahftania and the Hellmuth Brigade.

Seth Arden, a scout from the Clausewitz Battalion has discovered that Fahftania is creating chimeras in their aim to take over the world.

Hearing this, Captain Vel Dina is angered by their inhumane experiments.

To put a stop to these terrible, cold-hearted experiments, the Clausewitz Battalion sets off for Fahftania. However, they would soon find that all of Fahftania is under the Hellmuth Brigade thrall…

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Switch CARDS RPG The Misty Battlefield + Bonus Artbook & Soundtrack


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