Switch Various Daylife (Asia/English)


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This single player RPG transports you to the newly discovered continent of Antoecia – a mysterious land that simply begs to be explored. As a productive member of a burgeoning civilization, you’ll carry out work and take on different jobs to help your home flourish and grow.

Then, joined by fellow new arrivals, you’ll embark on expeditions to uncover this strange new world’s secrets and expand your settlement.

Of course, a new land means new dangers – you’ll be beset by the elements, hostile beast men and worse. What’s more, you can only carry so much with you on an expedition, so you’ll have to thing strategically if you want to come back with the valuable resources you need… or your very life.

Memorable characters, a unique character growth system, and innovative battle mechanics all combine to create an RPG that feels unique, fresh, and positively overflowing with quirky charm!

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Switch Various Daylife (Asia/English)


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