Comic Wolverine: Goodbye, Chinatown (Paperback)


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Just when he thought he was out, Chinatown pulled him back in! Wolverine’s been to Hell and back – literally – and now he’s ready for a fresh start. But before he can move on, he’ll need to take care of some old business – as the secret kingpin of Chinatown – when an underground drug-trafficking ring threatens to tear San Francisco apart. As the bodies pile up and Wolverine stabs his way toward the truth, he and his allies – including the crass Agent of Atlas known as Gorilla-Man and the indulgent Immortal Weapon called Fat Cobra – come face-to-face with ninja commandos, super-powered maniacs … and fire-breathing dragons?! Just how deep underground does the war really go? And what old enemies lurk in the darkness?

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Comic Wolverine: Goodbye, Chinatown (Paperback)


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