Game & Watch Super Mario Bros (USA/English)

  • Game & Watch Super Mario Bros (USA/English)
  • Model: Collectible
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight 0.50kg
  • Rp.649,000

  • Play Super Mario Bros. – Game & Watch style! - Jump over bottomless pits, stomp Goombas and enter Warp Pipes just as you remember – but with even tighter controls thanks to the system’s +Control Pad. Go it alone or pass to a friend for some two-player competition!
  • Even more Mario! - Looking for more of a challenge? Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels comes packed in, but if you’re wanting a more casual experience, then Ball (with extra Super Mario flair!) should tickle that fancy
  • Time for fun - As time passes, the included digital clock may play 35 different animations – including some guest appearances from Mario’s friends and foes! Keep your eyes on the clock when saving Princess Peach isn’t on the current agenda
  • 2.36 inch color screen
  • Adaptor not included

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