Manga The Drifting Classroom Perfect Edition Vol. 3 (Hardcover)

  • Manga The Drifting Classroom Perfect Edition Vol. 3 (Hardcover)
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Number of Page: 760 Pages

The definitive edition, featuring an all-new translation and deluxe hardcover design that reestablish Kazuo Umezz’s The Drifting Classroom as a timeless horror classic.

In the aftermath of a massive earthquake, a Japanese elementary school is transported into a hostile world where the students and teachers are besieged by terrifying creatures and beset by madness.

After a disastrous journey to the wasteland beyond the school, Sho and the rest of the surviving students return to their fortress, only to discover an even deadlier danger waiting for them. Former friends must fight a final battle as Kazuo Umezz's horror classic careens toward an epic conclusion!

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