Switch Star Wars Pinball

  • Switch Star Wars Pinball
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Do you like Star Wars? Do you like pinball? If your tastes happen to fall into one of these categories, you’re likely to get some enjoyment out of this themed collection of tables from virtual pinball wizards Zen Studios. If you happen to like – nay, love – both, well, you’re about to receive a Nintendo Switch-related treat direct to the centre of the Venn diagram in which you’re currently sat. Full of lightsabers, nudgeable tables and some unintentionally comical impersonations of your favourite Star Wars characters, Star Wars Pinball is easily one of the silliest uses of the licence we’ve seen in years, but also one of the most accessible.

Because it’s pinball! An arcade staple that’s both instantly enjoyable by newcomers while requiring real skill and timing to seek out a high score worthy of legend. Hungarian developer Zen Studios has been quietly perfecting its recreation of this loud and addictive pastime for years now.

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