Switch Skull & Co. Skin, CQC and FPS Thumb Grips Set Analog Stick Cap (Neon Red+Blue)

  • Switch Skull & Co. Skin, CQC and FPS Thumb Grips Set Analog Stick Cap (Neon Red+Blue)
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  • PATENTED DESIGN: Specifically designed for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Stick (NOT for Pro Controller).
  • A Set of 3 different pairs: 2*SKIN GRIP, 2* CQC ELITE, 2*FPS MASTER.
  • PROTECTION: Prevent the original joystick caps from corrosion and spalling.
  • ACCURACY: Increasing accuracy by adding extra height and radius.
  • MORE GRIP: Made of quality soft TPE material (Rubber), super control feelings. Less thumb fatigue.


Important Note: In order to have the best performance, please use dry cloth or tissue to wipe the Thumb Grip before you use.

Compatible: for Nintendo Switch

Material:Soft TPE

We specifically designed 3 different kinds of thumb grips for Nintendo Switch, which not only protect your original joystick cap, but also can provide more accurate control feelings.

Skin Grip x 2 
Thickness: 1.5mm
Feature: Protect the original joy-con stick cap and keep the original control feelings and user habit.

CQC Elite x 2:
Thickness: 3mm
- Concave Design.
- Increasing accuracy to meet the requests of control accuracy from gamers when they play some games like Zelta, Mariokart and etc. However, please note that it may cause difficulty to press "- Button" and "B Button" for the reason of personal habits and finger size.

FPS Master x 2
Thickness: 4.5mm
Feature: To fulfill the gamers' requests of shooting games and some hardcore games, such as Splatoon 2, Payday 2, Monster Hunter XX. Gamers often focus on joystick control instead of using "- button" and "B button" in these games.

If the FPS grip does not satisfy you, try adding CQC on your FPS thumb grip. You also can add FPS grip on a FPS grip if you want.

The Neon Red+Blue of thumb grips may vary slightly from original Joy-con due to materials and texture.

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