HORI Hotas Flight Stick for PlayStation 4 AC 7

  • HORI Hotas Flight Stick for PlayStation 4 AC 7
  • Model: Accessories
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight 5.00kg
  • Rp.3,400,000


Separate Flight Stick capable of full-scale operation
Headset terminal mounted
With a function to produce realistic presence
Color - Black


It is a flight simulation controller for "Ace Combat 7 Skies · Unknown" to create a real experience.
This product is a separate type flight simulation controller with the main stick and throttle. By installing the right hand operated main stick (control stick) and the throttle operated by the left hand, you can get the feeling of real-operation to the fighter plane. You can enjoy the game while wearing the headset because of its 3.5 mm headset terminal.
* Light bar, speaker, motion sensor function are not installed.
* The stereo headphone/microphone terminal cannot be used with PlayStation® 3, PC.

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