Cygnus Controller for Android

  • Cygnus Controller for Android
  • Model: Accessories
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  • Weight 0.60kg
  • Rp.350,000

Bring the console experience to your Android based tablet, cellphone, set top box or VR headset with the Cygnus controller from Nyko. Built from years of experience with Android controllers like PlayPad, Cygnus is a full sized wireless Bluetooth controller designed to work with a multitude of today’s top Android titles. Featuring dual analog sticks, d-pad, 4 face buttons, and left/right dual shoulder/trigger buttons Cygnus has all the necessary tools to tackle any game. Using the standard Android HID protocol designed in conjunction with NVIDIA®, Cygnus is compatible with the latest mobile games optimized for Android controllers. Cygnus runs on two AA batteries but can also be powered without batteries by connecting any standard micro-USB cable. Cygnus works with any Android 3.0 device or higher with Bluetooth. Full size Bluetooth controller compatible with any game that supports Android's HID protocol for game pads Wirelessly syncs to any android device running 3.0 or higher via Bluetooth to provide a convenient, lag free connection Runs on 2 AA batteries or by plugging in a standard micro-USB cable

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