Drone Zoopa Q 420 Cruiser RC Quadcopter Drone with integrated HD Camera

  • Drone Zoopa Q 420 Cruiser RC Quadcopter Drone with integrated HD Camera
  • Model: Toys
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight 3.00kg
  • Rp.780,000

  • Zoopa quality quadcopter for indoor and outdoor use
  • 2.4Ghz 4+2 channel remote control - 80m range
  • 6 Axis Gyrometer for high- precision. Perfect to control
  • Integrated FlyCamOne Nano HD Camera for photo and video recordings
  • 600mAh Lipo battery ensures a long flight time


zoopa Q420 Cruiser - with FlyCamOne Nano HD camera. 
Get the zoopa Q 420 Cruiser quadrocopter to simply create photo and video recordings from the air. 

The new zoopa Q 420 Cruiser quadrocopter is equipped with the newest Gyro-technology, high-precise electronics, a strong battery and the FlyCamOne Nano HD camera for aerial recording. 

The integrated 6- axis Gyro 2.0 technology guarantees perfect flying on every skill level. 

Simple for beginners as wrong commands get corrected quickly, and advanced for pilots that want to witness a special control. 

The powerful motors react quickly on every command and ensure pure thrill at forward flight. Precise components provide a stable adjustment of the model. As soon as you achieve safe flying, it is time to activate the integrated camera. Photo and video recording can be easily started through button touch. Pictures from a new perspective: Whether your gardenparty or a photo of your house from 50m height – everything is possible. 

The design of the zoopa Q 420 Cruiser is not only cool, it also helps for orientation – orange rotors mark the front of the model in a simple way. 

360° 3D Auto- Flip mode
Use the automatic 360° looping function professional mode to perform spectacular flips. 

zoopa Q420 Cruiser
Classification: Multicopter
Age: 10+ (under adult supervision) 
Difficulty level: Beginners
Application: Outdoor, Indoor (not in living room) 
Ready-made: Yes
Camera: Integrated FlyCamOne Nano HD camera (incl. 2GB SD card) 
Flight Time: approx. 8 minutes
Range: approx. 80m
Remote control: 2.4GHz 4 + 2-channel (light, 360° flip, photo / video function) 

- 360° flip function
- Integrated FlyCamOne Nano HD for photo- and video recordings
- LED Lighting - switched on the remote control
- Strong 600mAh LiPo battery 1S
- Range up to 80m
- 2.4GHz wireless technology

- zoopa Q420 Cruiser quadrocopter with integrated HD camera FlyCamOne nano 2.4GHz controller
- 600mAh LiPo 1s (3.7V) battery
- 240V charger
- Propeller protection 4pcs. (removable) 
- 2GB SD Memory card
- USB card reader
- Replacement rotor blades
- Manual

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